Get Your Style Sorted!

  A One-Day Workshop

Saturday 16th May 2015


Hilton, London Euston

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 Are you are a confident and successful career woman but when it comes to the way you dress you feel lost and uninspired? This might just be what you’ve been waiting for.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You know that you are good at what you do, but you don’t feel as though you look the part and it’s seriously denting your confidence.
  • You have lost interest in shopping for clothes and everything you try on (no matter how expensive) looks unflattering or lacklustre.
  • You dream of owning a range of clothes that suit you, make you feel amazing, and truly represent who you are, but your heart sinks when you open your actual wardrobe to be confronted with the same old, boring pieces.

 If it does, read on! I want to tell you something.

 Before I trained as an Image Consultant, I felt the same. If a stunning dress looked awful on me, I thought it was me that was wrong, my body wasn’t right, I wasn’t pretty enough or cool enough to wear it. This had such a damaging effect on the way I felt about myself! My confidence rocketed when I finally realised that I just hadn’t ever learned to choose the right clothes. I developed my own personal style rules and now worrying about what to wear is never an issue. I want to teach you how to do this too! 

For the first time I am sharing my style secrets at a one-day ‘live’ workshop designed to help you get your summer style sorted.

 Join me on Saturday 16th May at The Hilton London, Euston for "Get your style sorted!” where,

with my help, you will:

  • Work out your own authentic style so that you can quickly identify clothes that make you look and feel amazing.
  • Understand how to dress for your particular body shape so that you always look as though you have lost a few pounds!
  • Discover how to accessorise your outfits in the right way for you and your personal style.
  • Get inspired around the key items that you need in your wardrobe for stylish and easy summer dressing.
  • Identify which key pieces should be in your capsule wardrobe, so that dressing becomes a doddle, one less thing to worry about and you can feel gorgeous and look stylish every day with ease.

Book Now! 

London Hilton Euston 

Saturday 16th May - 9.30am until 5.30pm Refreshments and a delicious three-course buffet lunch included.


1 Person £149 

Bring a Friend for a total of £223.50

 Still not sure? Here’s what some of my clients experienced when they learned my style secrets

 Before working with Helen I was getting lots of speaking invitations but I was really struggling with what to wear for them and it would take me ages getting ready because really I didn’t “have anything” to wear other than a couple of pairs of black trousers and a variety of colourful tops.  As my business took off I was more and more conscious of the incongruence of turning up talking about my success in business – but not dressing the part. And I was also increasingly frustrated with how long it was taking me to get ready.  

As a result of working with Helen, I now have a choice of outfits that I can wear when I get invited out to speak so getting ready is quicker and less stressful.   But not only that, when I shop without Helen I am much more confident about my choices and it’s even giving the confidence to choose slightly ‘quirkier’ things than I would have done before.

There are also some added bonuses – a close friend told me that since working with Helen I look 10 years younger!  I’ve also getting a lot more attention from the opposite sex!  Whether because I look so much better or because I’m carrying myself with so much more confidence it’s hard to say – but it’s a flattering side effect!

Catherine Watkin Selling from the Heart

 Before I worked with Helen I had no confidence in what I wore for business. My background is in investment banking so the dress code was a no-brainer, I had to be suited and booted.

When I became self-employed I got stuck. The clothes I wore for business ended up being my regular clothes with a jacket thrown over the top to make me look smarter. I wanted to be able to differentiate between my off-duty style and my regular one but it never felt quite right. Nowadays that doesn’t worry me in the way it used to because I always feel good in what I am wearing. I feel authentic in my new style.

I didn’t even know that I didn’t feel confident until I compare the new me to how I used to feel. I had no idea how not wearing authentic styles affected the way I carried myself and the way I interacted with people. My new quirky style suits me and my personality and I love it.

Cathy Simmons

Inspiring Therapists to a Flourishing Business

1 Person £149 

Bring a Friend for a total of £223.50

 Don’t spend another summer struggling with what to wear. Come along and be enlightened. 

Get Your Style Sorted!

London Hilton Euston 

Saturday 16th May - 9.30am until 5.30pm Refreshments and a delicious three-course buffet lunch included.


1 Person £149 

Bring a Friend for a total of £223.50

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