Q. I’m too busy to spend this much time on myself. I’d love to work with Helen, but how can I possibly fit it in?
A. I will make the process as easy for you as I can. The kick off is a day together and after that I can work for you remotely if that suits you best.

Q.  I hate shopping, how can Helen make this a more pleasant experience for me?
A.  When you know what suits you and what t leave behind, shopping becomes more fruitful and efficient. I can even shop for you remotely if that’s what you’d prefer.

Q. Do I need to lose weight first?

A. You should be dressing for how you are today – you will look instantly slimmer in the right clothes.

Q. I’m scared of being “assessed”

There is no standing infront of a 360 degrees mirror in your underwear with me! Everything is done with empathy and discretion.

Q. What if you tell me I’ve been getting it wrong all these years and everything has to go!

It’s not realistic to start again. I will show you how to wear what you already have, in a more inspiring way. And make you a shopping list so you know what is missing.

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