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The British High Street is renowned for offering massive choice, something for everyone and a range of price points.

But it does pose a problem.

  • How are you supposed to know which shops are right for you?
  • How do you know where to find what you are looking for.
  • Do you need to spend hours trawling the shopping centres or the high street going in and out of every shop until your feet are throbbing and you lose the will to live?


Some people love to shop (that’ll be me then!) but many, many more avoid it at all costs.

My mission is to empower women to find joy in their clothes, their personal style and to make it quick and easy. One way I can do that is by working one to one with clients to help them to understand the colours, shapes and styles that work best for them.

Another way is by sharing my knowledge here. I hope that you find these High Streets Edits useful and feel inspired to go and take a shopping trip.


Zara is one of my all time favourite high street brands. I know I will always find a handful or more of great clothes in colours shapes and styles that suit me but I also find it good for just about all of my clients, especially the 30-50 age range. They have a huge range, fast moving stock, something for everyone and at purse friendly prices.

This season I am particularly liking the t-shirts.

Forget your classic round neck T. These are t-shirts to feel special in.

Large Print T-Shirt

Printed t-shirt £7.99 (sale price)

Picture of a T-shirt

Text T-Shirt £9.99 (sale)

Picture of striped t-shirt

Striped T-Shirt With Suede Piping £9.99 (sale)

Right now (July 2015) you will find lots of earthy, autumn colours coming in and if you like to follow fashion, this is the place to go to find the 70s vibe stuff!

Zara do prints very well. I particularly love the wide leg, printed trousers which are perfect for this weather and smart enought for office wear as well as the pub and they roll up beautifully, barely taking up any space in your suitcase for holiday wear.

If jumpsuits and playsuits are your thing you will find them here along with some gorgeous maxi dresses.


Straight print trousers with pockets £19.99 (sale)


The upsides: A mahoosive range of fast moving stock. (New pieces coming in regulary) Something for everyone. Quirky twists on classic pieces. Great for accessories. Well laid out which makes doing a quick sweep of the store very simple.

The downsides: I find the staff quite stand-offish and the quality of the clothes isn’t always as great as I’d like. Very uncomfortable footwear.


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